1. What is unique about Central Mass Club Lacrosse, compared to other club lacrosse organizations?
  2. What would the commitment be if I make one of the CMass teams?
  3. Who can join Central Mass Club Lacrosse?
  4. How are CMass teams organized?
  5. What does the Team Fee include?
  6. Will there be additional fees?
  7. What happens if I cannot attend a mandatory tournament?
  8. Do you offer a family discount? 


1) What is unique about Central Mass Club Lacrosse, compared to other club lacrosse organizations?

  • Superb coaching: CMass focuses on improving the skills of every player in the Program, all the while instilling a Team Concept. Particular attention is paid to improving stick skills and teaching sound defensive and offensive techniques. We teach the game the “right way” emphasizing only the most current skills and techniques. Playing within a Team Concept is critical to success in the summer recruiting tournaments, given the high skill level and experience of the club teams that we compete against. CMass practices more often than most clubs and also features clinics conducted by local college coaches. This is yet another opportunity to learn the game “the right way.”.
  • College recruiting assistance: Players aspiring to play in college will benefit from the guidance and input from Patricia Karl Moisan, the Director of Central Mass Club Lacrosse. In addition, we compete in the most competitive and visible summer recruiting tournaments. CMass also hosts an Annual Recruiting Night, whereby a coach from a Division I, II and III institution are guests and who offer important insights and details about the college recruiting process.
  • Roster stability: Our rosters remain the same for the entire year. This allows our coaches to develop a strong relationship with each player, knowing her strengths and areas to improve. Week to week, and tournament-to-tournament our rosters stay the same, promoting consistency, familiarity and camaraderie within each team. This policy also allows our coaches to construct detailed evaluations of each player, noting strengths and areas that need improvement.
  • Excellent indoor and outdoor training facilities: Hit Quarters in Shrewsbury is the best indoor lacrosse training facility in Central Mass. The Fay School fields in Southborough MA allow our entire Program to practice at the same time.
  • True family atmosphere: countless CMass families have told us that CMass feels like a true family, rather than “just another club.”
  • Small size: CMass is a relatively small Program and we intend to keep it that way. We strive to attract those players and families who are passionate about the game of lacrosse; will support the coaching staff at all times; and will “honor the game” by playing within the rules and spirit of women’s lacrosse.
    We do not define our success by the number of players in the Program. We look for great athletes, with great attitudes, who want to take their game to the next level, all the while playing within a
    a true team concept.
  • Full –Time Goalie Coach: CMass employs 2 full-time GK Coaches and also offers clinics throughout the winter months. We also add to our GK coaching staff during the summer recruiting season.

2) What would the commitment be if I make one of the CMass teams?

The 2017-2018 season can be described as follows:

  • Fall Season: The high school teams will participate in 2-3 recruiting tournaments, which require mandatory participation:The Chill Tournament, Devens MA and The New England Showcase, Longmeadow, MA.
  • The Middle School Teams will participate in The Chill, and two other tournaments TBD. The teams will practice every Sunday. (See team schedules)
  • Winter Training Season: we will practice on Sunday, dates and times TBD, but typically from the last week in November to the last week in March. Each team will be guaranteed practice slots. The entire Program will train at Hit Quarters in Shrewsbury, simply one of the best training facility in Central Massachusetts. Attendance at all sessions is very important, as it promotes team chemistry, sharpens individual stick skills and allows our coaches to implement our offensive and defensive tactics and strategies.
  • High School Spring season: the club shuts down during the high school season to avoid any interferences.
  • Summer Season: we begin our practice seasons in late June, immediately following the high school season. We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the middle of July at the Fay School Fields on Parkerville Road, Southborough. There will be at least three mandatory tournaments for our teams. Mandatory tournaments are very competitive and require a full roster. The summer tournament season includes the months of June and July. The teams will compete in the New England Cup, The Rise and The Capital Cup. For the Rise and Capital Cup Tournaments, we will play 2-3 days. For the Capital Cup, we will charter a team bus; reserve a team hotel; organize Team meals, etc.

3) Who can join Central Mass Club Lacrosse?

There are no geographic restrictions. Tryouts are held in mid-late August.

4) How are CMass teams organized?

Teams are ideally organized according to High School Year of Graduation (YOG). This is especially important at the high school level, where college coaches greatly prefer to evaluate players with the same YOG.

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5) What does the Team Fee include?

The Team Fee includes all coaches’ fees, indoor and outdoor facility rentals, administration and registration fees, practice apparel package, insurances, registration fees for the summer tournaments and web site administration.

September-March: 1 two hour practice per week.

June-July: 10 – 12 practices.

Occasionally, college coaches will conduct clinics on various offensive and defensive tactics.

The Team Fee for the 2017-2018 season is $2,100, to be paid in 3 installments.

The fee does not include the cost of a uniform for new players.

All CMass players must have a current US Lacrosse membership.

6) Will there be additional fees?

Additional fees shall include:

  • Non- mandatory tournaments are billed on an a la carte basis. Families will be responsible for a portion of the Team Entry fee and coach’s fees.
  • Transportation, hotel and food costs associated with the summer tournaments.
  • The travel fee for the Capital Cup Tournament (3 day tournament) will range between $350-$400, depending upon the cost of the charter bus/hotel room/Team Meals etc.

7) What if I am unable to attend a mandatory tournament?

In most cases, important family events (weddings, Family Reunions) are known far in advance of the summer tournaments. These commitments should be made known to the coaching staff as soon as possible. Unforeseen events (funerals, etc.) will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The tournament entry fee (as part of the Team Fee) will not be returned. Missing a tournament due to an injury or illness will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

8) Do you offer a family discount?

Yes, we offer a discount for each additional player in our Program from the same family.