Kelan McCann Testimonial

“Playing for CMASS was one of the best decisions I have made. I grew up playing club soccer year-round but in the eighth grade decided to give lacrosse a try. I tried out for CMASS never having played lacrosse before. I knew so little about the sport that my dad and I actually bought a book the night before tryouts entitled, “How To Play Women’s Lacrosse” in order to gain an idea of what the rules were.

The coaches at CMASS were very knowledgeable and also gave me the individual attention that I needed. They transformed me from someone who had never played the sport before to a college recruit in just three years. We played against the top club teams in the country, and by our last year we had improved our skills to a point where we were beating them.

Before I started my college career at Bates, everything I knew about lacrosse and all of my skill development I owed to the great coaches and staff of CMASS lax. I still find myself referring back to the coaching I received during my days as a CMASS player. One skill in particular that I owe completely to the CMASS coaching staff is my ability to fake before my shot. I do it without even thinking because the coaches always told us to “move the goalie”. I was so well prepared for the college game that I was able to start at attack as a freshman in the very competitive NESCAC League.

In addition to developing my skills as a lacrosse player the coaches at CMASS also guided me through the college recruiting process. I also met teammates who will be life long friends. I would not be playing lacrosse at Bates had I not played lacrosse for CMASS.”

Kelan McCann
rising junior, Bates College, Shrewsbury High School, Class of 2012